The ultimate Coffee Experience

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Beverage dispensers; InstantFresh brew, Beans
Coffee per jug; M-LINE, Aromatic B, Excelso Series
Bulk brewers; ComBi-line
Equipment; cup heater, ingredients box,...
Water boilers
ContainersElectrically, Insulated and food containers
Beverage heaters; for milk and other beverages
Percolators; Percostar, Animo
Accessories; filter paper, cleaning products, ...


We will be happy to advise for the right Vending Machine

We will be happy to advise you for the right Vending machine


New! The OptiVend Next Generation.

OptiVend NG

Animo’s new OptiVend Next Generation is a dispensing system for fresh, hot coffee any moment of the day. Just choose your favorite and a steaming cup is ready in seconds at the touch of a button.

OptiVend NG
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