OptiBean: The standard for Bean-to-Cup


Our products

Beverage dispensers; InstantFresh brew, Beans
Coffee per jug; M-LINE, Aromatic B, Excelso Series
Bulk brewers; ComBi-line
Equipment; cup heater, ingredients box,...
Water boilers
ContainersElectrically, Insulated and food containers
Beverage heaters; for milk and other beverages
Percolators; Percostar, Animo
Accessories; filter paper, cleaning products, ...

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Special offer in July: OptiCool (TS)

OptiCool TS

When you are in need of refreshment, a nice glass of cold water is the best option. With the Animo OptiCool water cooler, you will always have fresh, cold and pure water at hand.

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OptiCool TS
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